By Valarie Jennings

YOUNG CULTURE VULTURES helped a Gotham treasure, the Roundabout Theatre, with a dinner and cabaret of Broadway stars. The beauties chairing it were Toronto firecracker Jenny Bawden (designer, decorator, charity catalyst) and Rose Marie Logan, Shearson Lehmans's savvy senior v-p. We were treated to Zorba and Fiddler On The Roof hits by Theodore Bikel, who'll sing forth at Ontario Place June 11. Also entertaining--Dashing Donner, a Princeton grad and attorney is the heir to Peter Duchin and Lester Lanin. There he is at his cousin Vice President George Bush's bash; on to play for the Swedish Royals; and most yupper-crusty galas Jenny Bawden often organizes.

. . .

GOOD WILL AMBASSADOR: She'll soon fill Cornelia Guest's sizeable shoes as co-chair (with jet-setter Ludovic Autet) of the glamorous April In Paris ball. And how young "Jen" has enlivened the staid old Canadian Club . . . bringing in spirited young members (and distracting miniskirts!) At their Victoria Day party, her committee included Darlene Streit (recovering from Warhol Mania at Sothebys), G&M's smart cookie Connie Hill, good ol' boy Jake Dunlap's attorney son John and token Yank, Randall Stempler (merger mogul for Marine Midland). Among potential recruits -- Lisa and Wendy Belzberg, Maria Bronfman, Goldman Sachs' Rob White, young oil tycoon Mark Harrington and Ed Rotter, a realtor with mega yen. Jenny hasn't lured in Prince Albert yet, though last week, he danced away at very-in "Au Bar" with her and her pals.