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"She's a delightful person who has gathered almost a cult following with her bubbly personality. Her generosity and genuine love of people makes her very special."
Debbie Stevenson, CNBC
"Her dresses are young and fresh, yet still sexy and glamorous. They are unique. Original fabrics and print combinations such as zany animal prints and hot florals, combined with her signature plunging neckline or short and sassy length all add up to a look that every woman in America is trying to achieve- head-turning, trend setting chic. To wear a dress by Jennifer Bawden is to be an entrance maker"
Atoosa Behnegar, Editor-in-Chief, Cosmo Girl
"Jenny Bawden has a rare combination of talent, energy and commitment. The same drive and tenacity that she displayed in her athletic endeavors has manifested itself in her business and community involvement . . . .her active participation in the international social scene allows her to interact with many of her clients. This explains why her designs, while always fresh and new, always appeal to young and fashionable women"
Etienne Boillot, Former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent


NEW YORK TOASTS CALGARY GAL - So what's it like to be dubbed the fashion world's newest rising star? Ask Jennifer Bawden, New York society's darling designer, the hottest name in town . . . Calgary Herald

MEET JENNY BAWDEN, THE TOAST OF NEW YORK - Last year Jenny Bawden spent three months in India, most of it sitting cross-legged on the floor of a small factory in steamy heat. . . . Western Magazine

BAWDEN TO UNVEIL FIRST EVENING LINE - Designer Jennifer Bawden isn't letting a soft economy or retailers' limited interest in fringe resources slow her down . . . Woman's Wear Daily

PAGE SIX - Bawden is on her way. The Canadian-born beauty made her debut as a fashion designer and promptly sold the line to Bergdorf Goodman . . . New York Post

DESIGNER FOCUS - Bergdorf Goodman was the first to recognize her talents, showcasing her designs in their Fifth Avenue windows . . . Fashion International

GOING IN STYLE - Jennifer Bawden, a Canadian-born designer whose ''sophisticated, sexy, but romantic'' evening wear has appeared on ''Star Search'' . . . New York Post

A RAGS-ARE-RICHES TALE - Though in her twenties Jennifer Bawden has accomplished what most other fashion designers can only dream of. One of her creations has made the November cover of Cosmopolitan magazine . . . Financial Post

IMAGINATION - There she is at a gala with Ivana Trump; at a dinner with President George Bush; in Town & Country magazine at the Bachelor Ball . . . Toronto Sun

BAWDEN WINS - Jennifer Bawden was recently named winner of the fourth annual Clairol Mentor Award in fashion. The search for the cream of the crop in 11 career categories drew more than 2,000 entries . . . Calgary Herald

PARTIES PAY OFF - Bawden, who is single, works out of her Manhattan apartment and these days she's putting more energy into her business than her social life. ''You've got to work hard to be successful'' . . . Toronto Sun

SUCCESS STORY - Jennifer Bawden is the winner of the fourth annual Clairol Mentor Award in Fashion, presented in New York City recently by actress Linda Evans . . . Calgary Sun

BRANKSOME HALL GRAD WINS OVER MANHATTAN - It's a long way from Toronot's Branksome Hall School for girls to New York's stylish Bergdorf Good man, but . . . The Toronot Star

THE PEOPLE, PLACES AND EVENTS INSIDE THE FASHION BUSINESS - "It's like being in quicksand…I get 30 calls a day for a dress I can produce only one of a day," remarks . . . Inside Fashion

MAKING IT BY DOING GOOD - Jennifer Bawden, the daughter of a Canadian energy entrepreur, co -founded an informal discussion group . . . The New York Times Magazine

HAUTE STUFF - Bawden has become one of New York's hottest fashion designers and most beloved socialites . . . Venture Style

THE MANHATTAN AWARDS - our Junior Honoree is Jennifer Bawden, who has served on many charity committees, and whose fashions are now in Bergdorf's . . . Manhattan

CANADIAN BEAUTIES - Canada can boast some of the world's most beautiful young women. In the largest international model contest for Elite . . . Toronto Sun

CAT CHAT - The American media refer to her as an aspiring Brooke Astor . . . Country Estate

GOOD WILL AMBASSADOR - Jenny hasn't lured in Prince Albert yet, though last week, he danced away at very-in "Au Bar" with her  and her pals . . . Showcase

RICH'S TO OFFER - Rich's will present a trunk show in March 21 and 22 to showcase spring collections of 10 designers who are members of The Next Generation, . . . Women's Wear Daily

GUIDING LIGHT - Bawden is an exteremely talented and creative designer who is not only an artist, but an enthusiastic and responsible business person . . . Guiding Light

DESIGNER SEES TRUTH SEWN IN TO UNZIPPED - Bawden says the mental highs and lows are very typical of the rag trade. Her dresses have graced the pages of Cosmo, Elle, Town & Country and Women's Wear Daily and have been worn by numerous celectrities, including Kathleen Turner, Ivanna Trump, Peggy Lipton . . . Calgary Sun


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GOOD ADVICE - For women whose social lives have been kibboshed by following the outmoded precepts of "The Rules"-which admonished women to snag women by adhering to a strict regimen of deceit and chicanery-a new book offers hope . . . New York Post

12 THINGS THAT WOMEN DO THAT MEN HATE - Gossiping, Gold-digging, nagging, holding on too tight-these are among the top things women do that turn men off, says author Jennifer Bawden . . . The National Enquirer

GET A LIFE, THEN GET A MAN - In her previous professional lives, Jennifer Bawden, daughter of Calgary oilman Peter Bawden, has been a downhill ski champion, a fashion model, and an evening-wear designer. She's now reincarnated herself as a dating guru . . . The Globe and Mail

GET THE POINT, THEN MOVE ON - hyped as an anti-Rules, take-charge guide for single women . . . we at Mademoiselle heartily share this philosophy . . . Mademoiselle

HIGH STYLE  - Marketed as a sort ofanti-Rules manifesto, Get A Life, Then Get A Man: A Single Woman's Guide (Plume) encourages women to define themselves as "unique" individuals . . . Flare Magazine

IT'S RAINING MEN - The former model says a worthwhile relationship starts with yourself. "Before you turn your thoughts to finding a man, focus on developing your goals and your friendships," . . . The Dallas Morning News

STEP RIGHT UP, DON'T BE SHY: HOW TO BREAK THE RULES AND MAKE A LOVE CONNECTION- So it's two days until Valentine's Day and you still don't have a sweetie. It's time to call in the shock trooper of dating, Jennifer Bawden . . . The Ottawa Citizen

LOVE: AUTHOR SAYS WOMEN CAN PURSUE - How about firing the chubby cherub and shooting some arrows of your own? That's the advice of New York fashion designer-turned-dating-expert Jennifer BAwden . . . Waco Tribune-Herald

GETTING A MAN JUST GOT EASIER - Bawden offers advice on how to read for personality clues so you can avoid wasting time with the Ferrari (an airbag ego whose personal life takes a back seat), the Fisherman (he delivers the latest lines, lures and tackles) and the Bellhop, who comes with too much baggage . . . Happenings Magazine (Appeared in 92 publications nationally)

PICK YOURSELF UP, THEN SCAN TO FIND YOUR MAN - "Men run away from needy, clingy women," said Bawden. "The last thing a man wants is gum on his shoes. Men are attracted to women who have goals, dreams and accomplishments." . . . Florida Star (Appeared in 68 publications nationally)

TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR DATING DESTINY - Worried about accidentally dousing those new flames? Don't be. Bawden teaches you how to overcome your fear of rejection and tells you how to avoid doing the 15 things that most women do that turn men off . . . Chicago Citizen (Appeared in 156 publications nationally)

HOW TO HELP YOUR FRIENDS FIND MR. RIGHT - No matter whether you need a self-help book or want to help a friend help herselve, "Get a Life, Then Get a Man," is a book all women should pick up and read . . . Ohio Evening Review (Appeared in 48 publications nationally)

WANT A HOT SUMMER ROMANCE? - Don't just complain that there are "no men out there." According to Jennifer Bawden, bestselling author of "Get a Life, Then Get a Man," you can get incredible results by changing your approach to dating . . . NewsUSA

BOOKVIEWS - Jennifer says the rules of dating have changed and waiting around for Prince Charming should be replaced first with enjoying being single, focusing on your goals to unleash your confidence in yourself . . .


HOPE AND GLORY - Her blend of creativity and business acumen is a powerful combination - especially when it's put to work on Wall Street, Jen Bawden's new home. How she got there is also a testament to her talents... Branksome Chronicle

HOW HOT WEBSITES HELP BOOST YOUR BUSINESS - Are you having trouble generating traffic to your business' Web site? Are you looking to expand your business worldwide? . . . Orlando Press (Appeared in 28 publications nationally)