Get a Life, Then Get a Man (By Jennifer Bawden)

In her previous professional lives, Jennifer Bawden, daughter of Calgary oilman Peter Bawden, has been a downhill ski champion, a fashion model, and an evening-wear designer. She's now reincarnated herself as a dating guru. And she's on a mission to help modern women wash those old-fashioned "Rules" right out of their pretty heads. Playing hard to get is passé, Bawden preaches, in her chatty, Go-Girl voice. Women today need to "take control" of their dating destiny. Bawden's guide is full of full-frontal attack strategies, complete with the terminology: how to distinguish CBs (cute boys) and PFHs (potential future husbands) from the Bellhops (too much baggage) and the Whine Stewards (never stop complaining); "close the deal" with a phone number in your pocket: and "survive" the relationship. Bawden swears her strategy has ushered more than 30 of her friends down the aisle. Wow!