Getting A Man Just Got Easier

(NU) - So you haven't found the perfect man yet? Singles bars and blind dates haven't been too successful, and you're tired of waiting for Mr. Right to find you. So what are your options? You can sulk, give up or take control of your dating destiny and focus on getting a life - then getting a man. The ultimate single woman's guide is here, and author Jennifer Bawden knows what she's talking about. After all, more than 30 weddings and engagements have resulted from advice she's given to friends. "Get a Life, Then Get a Man," released earlier this year, explains how women can get the man they want without compromising their standards. 

Bawden urges women to enjoy being single and focus on their own goals. By realizing their own dreams, women will unleash confidence, passion and power - major turn-ons for men. 

The book encourages women to take a proactive approach to all areas of their lives and provides everything women need to know about breaking those proverbial rules. It offers tips on how to screen, approach and evaluate the men of your choice. You'll learn how to avoid the 15 things women do that turn men off, like not saying thank you, not unlocking his car door or traveling with a busload of suitcases. 

Bawden also offers advice on how to read for personality clues so you can avoid wasting time with the Ferrari (an airbag ego whose personal life takes a back seat), the Fisherman (he delivers the latest lines, lures and tackles) and the Bellhop, who comes with too much baggage. 

The book lists basic steps women can take to improve their lives and increase their chances of landing a man, including questioning everything, acknowledging your flaws, making a list of what you want, committing to growth and focusing on reality. 

Bawden urges single women to "break out of the spinster funk" by
appreciating their single status. Enjoy what you have, she says, and remember: A man is not the solution, you are. 

To find out more about improving your life and how that may help lead you down the aisle, pick up a copy of "Get a Life, Then Get a Man" from, or any local bookstore.