Hot Web Sites Help Boost Your Business

(NU) - Are you having trouble generating traffic to your business' Web site? Are you looking to expand your business worldwide? Would you like some home-based business advice and other tips for financial success? If so, I've got some answers for you. There are a lot of hot, new Web sites on the Internet that can help you get hits, increase your income, expand your business or start a new profitable venture. 

If you are looking for a way to market your online business, World Sales & Merchandising, Inc., has your e-commerce solutions. The company takes your product or service and refines it through graphic design, marketing applications, promotional opportunities and online Web development. 

You'll also get linked with WSMI's partner,, which has everything you need to make your Web presence effective and manageable. Bee-Trade's unique branding strategies put your name in front of millions of people. Its platform has two of the world's best Internet Technology companies behind it - Sun MicroSystems and Netscape - so you are ensured success. And Bee-Trade provides support through experienced customer care staff. Just log on to 

Another way to promote your business is through What's For Free Technologies, Inc. This Web site - - takes your free and promotional offers and gives consumers access to them at one location. When Internet surfers log on to, they will find a wide variety of categories. When clicking on your free offer, they'll link directly to your business' site, driving more traffic to it. 

One way to expand your business worldwide is by registering a multilingual domain name. At, an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers-accredited registrar, you can register your multilingual name. The non-English languages available are Japanese, Korean, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. You also may want to check out the new domain name suffixes and register your business as a dot-biz or dot-pro, among others. Just log on to 

If you are considering launching a home-based business or would like some other business tips, one site you should visit is You won't lose with this site because it offers a wide variety of advice. You can find out how to improve your investment company or how to start a credit card or mortgage business, for example. If you don't see a category on the site that is an exact fit to your business model, YouWinIt's technical staff will customize one for you. Just go to 

Jennifer Bawden is chief executive officer of Bawden Capital, a New York City consulting firm that provides financial instructions and strategic partnerships to mid-stage technology businesses. Questions? You can e-mail her at [email protected]