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“Jennifer was amazing! Our listeners loved her and our phones went crazy”.
CFLY, Ontario

“Extraverted and entertaining Jennifer is a ten star guest”.
KCDA, Spokane

“Jennifer’s book was down to earth, realistic, empowering and loads of fun”.
KLZR, Kansas City

“Insightful and delightful”.

“Jennifer Bawden was one of our most electrifying guests. Best phones we ever had”!
WRJN, Wisconsin

“She saved a few relationships on our show”!
WNCI, Ohio

“She was refreshing, lively and entertaining. We’d love to have her back on our show”.
The Ruth & Ed Shaw Show, Florida

“She was a fabulous guest, vibrant and full of energy”.
WBHT, Pennsylvania

“One of the most fascinating success stories I’ve ever heard”.
CHED, Alberta

“We wholeheartedly agree with Jennifer’s theory”. 
WMRH, Wisconsin

“Jennifer was a big hit, we look forward to having her back on our show”.
WKKW, Virginia

“From a man’s point of view, I agree with everything Jennifer had to say”.
KTBL, New Mexico

“Every 18 to 34 year old female will find this extremely compelling”.
KLWN 1320, Kansas

“Great show, great guest”
CJOB, Winnipeg

“A fun, fact-filled interview in how a positive attitude can bring positive results in today’s dating scene”.
Pax Syndicated Network

“A wonderful practical guide to a fulfilling relationship”.
KUCI, Los Angeles

“Great advice”!
KBEM, Minnesota